Blue Rooster Bakehouse

Hi Friends,

We’re super happy to share that the Rooster is now OPEN DAILY from 9-4:00! Thanks so much for your continued support. It means the world to us ❤️

 Leo & Wendy   

*We are no longer taking website orders. Come see us instead! 


All the Important Stuff...

Hi Friends! 

     We wanted to take just a few moments to remind everyone of our safety measures... 

* We will still be requiring masks for the time being. If you are unable to wear a mask you can always call and we can try to help over the phone for door pick-up. (Please be mindful that it gets extremely busy and we might need to put you on hold or ask to call you back.)

* We've installed Plexiglass walls extending 8 ft from the floor that fully enclose the display space and separate the customers from the staff.  

* We have a brand new HVAC system with new filters PLUS we've purchased a new HEPA air filtration system for the front space.

* We are taking extra precautions with cleaning of commonly touched surfaces (door handles, etc.).

* Please be sure to continue following physical distancing recommendations. No indoor seating at this time but we do have outdoor seating! 

     We completely understand that this is a change from what we're all accustomed to. We love that our space has become a home-away-from-home for so many folks. However, this is the best way we know to keep everyone safe while still getting our super yummy (filled with love) goodies to your bellies. 

     **Please Note: We do require at least a week's notice for all custom cakes and cupcakes. If you've forgotten to order in time we typically have extra cakes on hand each day :-) 

     Goodness! That seems like plenty of information for now! Most importantly, we missed you and we can't wait to see your beautiful (masked) faces :-) Thank you so much for your patience and support. We greatly appreciate your support and can't wait to bake up some deliciousness for you. Stay well & kind, Leo & Wendy 

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We are located in the quaint and quirky town of Oberlin, just a few steps from the campus of Oberlin College. Come for a fun day trip to check out some of the yummy restaurants and fun little shops!


38 S Main St Oberlin Ohio 44074


Every Day 

Store Hours 9 - 4:00